Estate law is one of the most overlooked areas of law in Texas. Many families fail to properly plan for crisis or death, leaving their loved ones in chaos.

At the Law Office of Enacio B. Barretto, he is committed to helping family members administer the estates of deceased loved ones - but more than that, helps his clients plan simple estates that keep their assets, their family and themselves secure in the years to come.

Our firm has helped numerous clients in the San Antonio, TX region set up a basic estate - including tools such as small estate wills, powers of attorney, physician's directives and more. We then work closely with your family members to ensure your will is properly administered after your death, and will vigorously advocate for their rights when something goes wrong.

Let Us Guide You Through The Probate Process

Let Us Guide You Through The Probate Process

Attorney Enacio Barretto can help you administer the last will written by your loved one and guide you through the probate process in court. His goal is to oversee every step of the probate process — reducing any apprehension you may have about court filings, tax issues, paperwork and inventory.
The probate process can be lengthy, complicated and confusing. He takes care to provide personal attention in efforts to give you peace of mind.

A Trusted Advocate When Things Go Wrong
Whether someone is named the executor in an estate or the court appoints an administrator when there is no will, there are a variety of things that could go wrong. The executor or administrator could take property or assets for themselves, and abuse their power. They could administer the estate according to their own wishes instead of how your loved one wanted it.

From will contests to other probate disputes, Attorney Barretto is a vigorous advocate for a fair probate process. Consult in representation you can trust — call the office at 210-399-8168 to set up your first consultation, or send an email to get started