Talk to an auto accident lawyer in San Antonio, TX

If You Were You Injured in a Car Accident

Car accidents are physically, emotionally and financially taxing for the victim and their family. An auto accident lawyer can help you recuperate your financial losses and move forward more confidently. The Law Office of Enacio B. Barretto is a trusted law firm in San Antonio, TX that can help you maximize financial compensation for your suffering.

Mr. Barretto will also help with insurance claims. Stop drowning in debt from medical bills and start holding the responsible party accountable for your accident. Call 210-399-8168 now to find out how an auto accident lawyer can help you get back on your feet in San Antonio, Seguin, TX or surrounding areas.

Discuss the facts of your wrongful death case with a lawyer

Discuss the facts of your wrongful death case with a lawyer

It only takes one distracted or impaired driver to change everything for you and your family. If your loved one was killed due to another driver’s negligence, a lawyer can help you sue the responsible party. Wrongful death cases could result in compensation for:

  • Pre-death medical bills, such as hospital stays or surgeries
  • Lost income due to the death of the primary earner in your household
  • Your psychological pain and suffering

Wrongful death cases can take an emotional toll, but you don’t have to navigate the legal process alone. Mr. Barretto will do everything he can to make the process easier.